Capital Biz Solutions was officially launched by Gene Amato in September 2015.  Prior to the official launch, I had previously assisted two business professionals obtain the financing they needed, in October of 2014.  Our main objective is to assist companies acquire the capital they need to grow their business on their terms.  We will guide you through the process, and outline the lending parameters.  It is our job to insure you’re well informed, and there are no surprises.  It is our pledge to provide you with the best business lending available.


Gene Amato

Founder & CEO


I’ve previously owned and operated a successful business in Worcester MA for more than twenty years.   Over the last decade and a half, I’ve worked in the banking industry, as a small business and commercial loan officer.  I’ve been in contact with a diverse bunch of business entrepreneurs most of my adult life, servicing them with several wholesale products, and quite an array of lending and banking needs.  Although these industries are vastly different, there always are similarities.

 My competitive advantage was the level of service which I provided, going above and beyond continuously for the client. That strategy always paid dividends.  I have assisted several companies acquire the business capital they needed over the years as a commercial banker.  

Today at Capital Biz Solutions we continue to provide that same level service. We earn the trust of our client’s almost immediately.  They are well informed of the processes we have in place.  It is our pledge to provide the best lending fit, matching the specific need of the client.  Today’s business environment is highly competitive.  Your business needs a competitive advantage to be successful in today's marketplace.  It is our hope to provide you that advantage with a capital infusion, which will drive your business to its next level.  We thank you for trusting us, as we look forward to growing our relationship with you and your business colleagues.