Why Business Owners Are Seeking Alternative Financing

Today many business owners are turning to alternative financing resources other than their traditional bank. The reasons vary from being leveraged at their bank, not being able to qualify, and everything in between. There is a vast array of loan types out there, from bridge loans to commercial real estate loans, private equity funding, term and equipment loans, SBA loans of all types and MCA funding.

Very often, the process of a traditional bank can be extremely laborious, and the business owner can become bogged down with all types of documentation they must collect and send off to their assigned lender with a 60% possibility of obtaining a decline.

What’s a business owner to do?

I launched Capital Biz Solutions 4 years ago to assist business owners find the capital they need when they need it!

I’ve spent over 18 years as a Business Banker and Commercial Loan Officer, so I’m very familiar with the different loan processes and procedures. Prior to working in the banking industry, I owned a successful Food Service Company for over 20years. I understand the intricacies of owning your own business and how compromised cash flow can negatively impact your business.

How Can We Help?

We invite you to try our services. We work for you and advocate for you. You’re not in a box regarding your lending options and we make certain we find the best solution for you at the time of your loan request. The lending platforms range from Dental Acquisitions to Private Equity Funding. Capital Biz Solutions is able provide SBA funding, personal and business term loans, working capital lines of credit Commercial Real Estate loans and Cannabis Lending, just to name a few. We do not succumb to a one size fits all mentality regarding your particular loan request.

We have been hired to seek out traditional lenders for those requests that qualify for traditional financing.  We will interview certain banks based on the loan request to find the best rate, term and structure along with a good portfolio fit for the client. We’re able to do all the heavy lifting while you focus on your business and generate the revenue you need to keep your business moving. Why not leave the heavy lifting to us? We will obtain the capital you need to assist with the growth of your business today and for years to come.

Please call us @ 508 864-7758 for a free consultation or visit our website at https://www.capitalbizsolutions.com.

We look forward to serving you!!

Gene Amato CEO Capital Biz Solutions, Inc.