Niche Lending

There are hundreds if not thousands of niche lenders throughout the nation. Most all have carved out a specific lending specialty that seems to work for them. Many traditional banks have implemented niche lending in several areas such as airplane and jet lending, yacht lending, RV and other water craft type loans.

Some traditional lenders are able to differentiate themselves with these type entrepreneurial loans. For example, a high quality yacht loan portfolio can be very profitable for banks, as the default rate is less than .05%. Naturally, there are the Rolls- Royce type yachts which will hold their value much longer than an inexpensive yacht of lesser quality without the bells and whistles.

Capital Biz Solutions, Inc. has affiliations with many niche lenders throughout the nation to assist you with the working capital you need at the time you need it!. Our lenders offer competitive rates on term loans and working capital lines of credit to help support your growing business. If you own and purchase investment property we have lenders that can assist in a variety of ways. If your personal credit has taken a nosedive for whatever reason, we can get you back on your feet and bankable, again. We offer several lending platforms to assist with a variety of different loan requests. It’s nearly impossible to fund your business growth without the use of working capital, regardless of industry type.

Additionally, we have access to asset based lending, equipment loans and leasing, and a variety of other lending platforms which are listed on our website. We have programs for start-up entrepreneurs, that has been extremely successful. You may be leveraged at your local bank but have a great credit score, excellent W-2 income and have managed your personal revolving debt well, we can assist! Many times traditional lending may not be a fit, however, we’re confident we can provide the lending services you need at the time you need them! Please contact Capital Biz Solutions, Inc on the web at or call us at 508 864 7758. We look forward to assisting you with your working capital needs.

Transitioning out of your Dental Practice

When is it time? How long a process? How should I prepare myself? Many of these questions are just the tip of the iceberg for many practicing dentists. Generally, if you're entertaining selling your dental practice start doing some research 24-36 months prior, so you become well informed of your options. The model has been changing, as many more DSO's (Dental Service Organizations) have been acquiring dental practices these days. There are still practicing dental associates in the field that have aspired to own their own practice, and are usually on the hunt after some time in the field practicing dentistry. That time frame differs depending on the associate's comfort zone.

Many DSO approaches to acquiring a dental practice may be slightly different, however, it is up to the selling dentist to see which organization aligns closer to their goals and objectives when going through the transition process. The DSO representative will explain the process in depth. In order to evaluate the dental practice, the DSO representative will ask you to share financial information such as Business Tax Returns, most recent P&L statements, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable listings, Insurance Plan Participation, Insurance Reports, Production & Performance Reports, Fee Schedules and other asset and liability listings(s)

An office visit will be arranged in order to ensure that the DSO representative can evaluate the condition of office, dental equipment on hand, and the community you practice in. This meeting can take place after work hours to ensure a high level of discretion, concerning current employees. It is extremely important for the practice owner to be cognizant of the financial trending of the practice in the last 24-36 months. The stronger the collection base and the better the trending during this time frame will most likely lead to a more fiscally sound proposal. In other words, "the most bang for your buck." The stronger the collections and financial trending of the business, the more value you're able to add to the selling price of the practice.

Surprisingly enough, many dental practice owners do not pay attention to these basic details and are disappointed when an offer or LOI is proposed. They can't seem to understand why their practice has lost value. When the time arises when you're considering transitioning out of your dental practice, please contact Capital Biz Solutions, Inc on the web at We are registered brokers with several Dental Service Organizations throughout the nation, looking to bring you the best fit for your practice. Please feel free to contact us at 508 864-7758. We look forward to assisting you transition seamlessly out of your dental practice, whenever you feel it may be the appropriate time.

The Importance of Working Capital for Business Success and Business Growth

Many business owners seem to lose sight of the importance of working capital for the health of their growing business. They become so involved with daily operations that many times they wait far too long to address this issue – and then there’s a crisis.

It takes hard work, long hours and an exhausting commitment to be successful in business these days. If the business continues to struggle on a monthly basis from a lack of capital to fund receivables, payroll, or the purchase of a hard asset (i.e. equipment) that will produce higher efficiency and generate more revenue quickly for the business, then the STRESS level multiplies a hundred-fold.

Sales pipelines and forecasting can fall by the wayside rather quickly if you’re not well prepared.   Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm for many business owners. It’s important for business owners to know and understand their personal credit scores and what percentage of their revolving credit they have utilized, as these statistics are often used in calculating personal loan approvals.

People ask us all the time, “What type of loan can I obtain? What are the rates and how long do I have to pay the loan back? What do you charge?”

We do not charge for any consultation, since we will discuss all funding options.  There are many funding options in the marketplace and whatever the loan request may be, much of it depends on what the business and the business owner bring to the table, and what they qualify for at the time.  Rates are never quoted as the loan request must be fully underwritten prior to conveying any type rate or term to the client.

Working Capital = Receivables + Inventory + Other Current Assets - Accounts Payable – Other Current Liabilities.

Often, business owners can’t fund the growth of their business; hence, the need for some type of working capital funding. There will be times when a business owner needs to accept a non-traditional type of funding in order to obtain better funding in a 12-18-month time frame.  Many times, the loan you didn’t accept may have been the best choice to move you in the proper direction to acquire the better funding solution in the future.

What Can We Do to Assist?

In addition to acquiring funding for the proposed loan request, we provide strategic planning and business counseling that is very helpful in building a trusting relationship. We are always looking forward in order to see how we can be the most helpful to our clients. We provide excellent resources which build and enhance credit scores, reduce personal leverage, and increase profitability. We are pleased to announce we have several clients that have returned for future funding options.

Why try to go it alone?  Let us cut through the red tape while you continue to focus on your business. We look forward to serving you now and in the future!

Avoiding the Cash Flow Crisis that Negatively Impacts Your Business

Business owners - beware some of the hidden surprises that absolutely hinder your business cash flow! Nine out of ten small businesses fail due to continued compromised cash flow. This is not rocket science but a fact, according to Dun & Bradstreet. Poor cash flow management is the leading cause of businesses closing their doors.

Inflows of cash need to be a priority in setting the tempo for the outflows of cash. It’s great to be able to discount your invoices, but only if you have plenty of cash on hand for the discount to make sense.

What do I mean?  Well, if you’re saving 1% on a $1,000.00 invoice that needs to be paid in ten days - it’s not worth it! You can use that capital for an extra 20- 35 days, depending on how you pay your creditors, for a multitude of operational purposes. CASH IS KING, and when your expenses exceed your cash flow, your business will undoubtedly suffer from the stress of it.

Many business owners think that profit is cash flow, but it’s not! It adds to the cash flow paradigm. Your balance sheet and your Profit & Loss may look great, but if you’re behind on your invoicing and your clients haven’t paid you, it will truly result in a cash flow crisis sooner rather than later.

Almost always, revenue isn’t realized until it hits your bank account, and by that time almost all monthly expenses have been paid, leaving you with either a small profit or maybe no profit at all for the month.

How can you mitigate these circumstances?

Forecasting can be a useful tool in obtaining a pulse on your business cash flow. Review your weekly sales and invoices to see what is expected to arrive in receivable collections that week. In many instances larger customers obtain better pricing based on their volume. Remember, price is important, but service and dependability are more important, especially if you’re servicing a niche market. Do not diminish your margin or you’ll be out of business before you know it!

There are many areas that can certainly influence a cash flow meltdown. Here are a few:

  • An inability to fund payroll properly some months can be a nightmare for business owners as they also must pay the tax liability along with funding the payroll. Once owners get behind on payroll taxes, it’s an unending battle to catch up.

  • Business expenses like insurances can also be very costly, but solid coverage for business owners is a necessity in today’s market. Be ready for growth but recognize that with growth there is always an expense.

  • Seasonality may also play a role in the economics of your business, leaving you with little inventory and not enough cash flow to purchase the goods you need at the proper time and price point to service your clients.

How Can We Assist?

Capital Biz Solutions can solve many of these compounded cash flow issues by finding the proper source of working capital for your business at the time you need it! We have multiple sources which are very effective in helping you achieve the right balance of cash flow in your business operation. So, if you’re searching for financing options, search no longer!  We let you focus on your business while we do all the heavy lifting for you. We invite you to try our services.

Please feel free to contact us when it’s convenient for you at (508) 864-7758.

We look forward to serving you!

Why Business Owners Are Seeking Alternative Financing

Today many business owners are turning to alternative financing resources other than their traditional bank. The reasons vary from being leveraged at their bank, not being able to qualify, and everything in between. There is a vast array of loan types out there, from bridge loans to commercial real estate loans, private equity funding, term and equipment loans, SBA loans of all types and MCA funding.

Very often, the process of a traditional bank can be extremely laborious, and the business owner can become bogged down with all types of documentation they must collect and send off to their assigned lender with a 60% possibility of obtaining a decline.

What’s a business owner to do?

I launched Capital Biz Solutions 4 years ago to assist business owners find the capital they need when they need it!

I’ve spent over 18 years as a Business Banker and Commercial Loan Officer, so I’m very familiar with the different loan processes and procedures. Prior to working in the banking industry, I owned a successful Food Service Company for over 20years. I understand the intricacies of owning your own business and how compromised cash flow can negatively impact your business.

How Can We Help?

We invite you to try our services. We work for you and advocate for you. You’re not in a box regarding your lending options and we make certain we find the best solution for you at the time of your loan request. The lending platforms range from Dental Acquisitions to Private Equity Funding. Capital Biz Solutions is able provide SBA funding, personal and business term loans, working capital lines of credit Commercial Real Estate loans and Cannabis Lending, just to name a few. We do not succumb to a one size fits all mentality regarding your particular loan request.

We have been hired to seek out traditional lenders for those requests that qualify for traditional financing.  We will interview certain banks based on the loan request to find the best rate, term and structure along with a good portfolio fit for the client. We’re able to do all the heavy lifting while you focus on your business and generate the revenue you need to keep your business moving. Why not leave the heavy lifting to us? We will obtain the capital you need to assist with the growth of your business today and for years to come.

Please call us @ 508 864-7758 for a free consultation or visit our website at

We look forward to serving you!!

Gene Amato CEO Capital Biz Solutions, Inc.