Cannabis Lending

Capital Biz Solutions currently has specific financing programs available for the Cannabis Industry. If you’re a start up Cannabis business, we have lending programs for equipment financing and leasing and also short term working capital. Cultivating and growing the product are usually collateralized by a hard asset, in most cases it’s the commercial building, if owned by the borrower or legal entity.

We work with highly trained professionals that are familiar with the processes of cultivation, distribution, branding and marketing. We want to see your business thrive. Naturally, with financing or funding of any business, the business must qualify based on the particular funding request. We have streamlined a process, which we provide a one document questionairre that needs to be completed to determine if the business does qualify for the requested funding.

If you’re a Cannabis business that has been up and running for a while and need to recapitalize for specific reasons, most times we can help. We always review the cash flow and collateral being offered by the business owner as part of our due diligence. On Cannabis starts -up businesses, we will place a UCC filing on the sold or leased Cannabis equipment and other business assets to be determined. We can fund a wide range of loan requests from 500M to 50MM. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions regarding your funding needs.