Niche Lending

There are hundreds if not thousands of niche lenders throughout the nation. Most all have carved out a specific lending specialty that seems to work for them. Many traditional banks have implemented niche lending in several areas such as airplane and jet lending, yacht lending, RV and other water craft type loans.

Some traditional lenders are able to differentiate themselves with these type entrepreneurial loans. For example, a high quality yacht loan portfolio can be very profitable for banks, as the default rate is less than .05%. Naturally, there are the Rolls- Royce type yachts which will hold their value much longer than an inexpensive yacht of lesser quality without the bells and whistles.

Capital Biz Solutions, Inc. has affiliations with many niche lenders throughout the nation to assist you with the working capital you need at the time you need it!. Our lenders offer competitive rates on term loans and working capital lines of credit to help support your growing business. If you own and purchase investment property we have lenders that can assist in a variety of ways. If your personal credit has taken a nosedive for whatever reason, we can get you back on your feet and bankable, again. We offer several lending platforms to assist with a variety of different loan requests. It’s nearly impossible to fund your business growth without the use of working capital, regardless of industry type.

Additionally, we have access to asset based lending, equipment loans and leasing, and a variety of other lending platforms which are listed on our website. We have programs for start-up entrepreneurs, that has been extremely successful. You may be leveraged at your local bank but have a great credit score, excellent W-2 income and have managed your personal revolving debt well, we can assist! Many times traditional lending may not be a fit, however, we’re confident we can provide the lending services you need at the time you need them! Please contact Capital Biz Solutions, Inc on the web at or call us at 508 864 7758. We look forward to assisting you with your working capital needs.